Student Support

1. Buddy Program (Study Mentoring)

  • Buddy program helps international students’ study and campus life by matching international students and Korean students in the same field of study.
  • Application: At the International Education Institute in March and September
  • Duration of program: 1-2 semester
  • Activity: Matched buddies contact each other and make an activity plan and meet regularly.


2. Student Counseling Service

  • Professors and licensed counselors provide counseling services to students.
  • Application: Request to the Academic Affairs Office, International Education Institute


3. Employment Supports

  • Special lectures are provided to improve student employability
  • 1:1 help on a resume, personal statement, and interview skills


4. Cultural Experience

  • Support international students to deepen their understanding of Korean society and culture by offering programs such as visiting tourist attractions and participating in cultural activities.