From March 1, 2021, the Korean government decided to make it mandatory for all foreign students to subscribe to National Health Insurance. All international students who enter Korea and complete foreign registration will be automatically enrolled in National Health Insurance. When this service is implemented, international students will be able to receive the same high-quality medical services as Korean nationals at an expense equal to 50% of their monthly premiums. The premium will be reduced by 70% until February 2022, 60% reduction until 2023, and 50% after March 2023.


  • Eligibility: Students (D-2) and General Trainee (D-4)
  • When to join
  • All current students (D-2) will be automatically enrolled on March 1, 2021.
  • All incoming new D-2 students and elementary to high school students (D-4-3) will also be automatically enrolled when they complete their alien registration.
  • D-4 trainees will be enrolled 6 months after their initial entry.
  • If you have a family, you must translate and notarize family (marriage) relations certificates and bring them to the National Health Insurance Foreigner Civil Service Center to apply for your family’s coverage.


  • Benefits:
  • Your medical insurance coverage will be effective from March 1, 2021. National Health Insurance ID card will be mailed to your address from March. You can receive medical treatment at any hospitals in Korea with your National Health Insurance ID or alien registration card.
  • With the previous school insurance service, you must first pay for all the medical expenses at your own expense and then apply for reimbursement from the insurance company. However, the new insurance service enables you to visit a hospital and receive benefits immediately.
  • You may pay 30-60% of your medical expenses for outpatient treatment and 20% in the case of hospitalization. You can get a free general health checkup every two years.

  • Monthly premium
  • Your monthly Insurance premium is paid in advance.
  • The current monthly premium of National Health Insurance for foreigners is KRW131,790. Temporarily, until February 2022, the premium will be discounted by 70%. Thus, your monthly payment will be KRW39,540.
  • However, for technical reasons, the first premium for March, 2021 will be charged in 10 installments (KRW39,350/10=3,950) starting from April. Therefore, you will receive your first April bill on March 25 (KRW43,490) which includes the 1st installment of the premium for March (KRW3,950).


  • Temporary premium reduction plan:

        -Mar, 2021 – Feb, 2022: KRW39,540 (70% deduction)

        -Mar, 2022 – Feb, 2023: 60% deduction

        -After Mar, 2023: 50% deduction.


       [For students who have already enrolled in National Health Insurance]

  • Students who have already been enrolled in National Health Insurance will pay 50% of the insurance premium (KRW 65,850) in March, and the difference from the new premium (KRW 26,350) will be deducted from the April premium (KRW13,190).

  • If you visit your home country for more than one month, you will be exempted from insurance premiums for that period.


  • Students on leave of absence must continue to pay insurance premiums if they stay in Korea.


  • If you do not pay insurance premiums
  • You cannot receive benefits from the first day of the following month when you do not pay premiums.
  • If insurance premiums are overdue, the visa will not be extended until the amount is paid. (In case the insurance premium of KRW500,000 or more, and other fees of KRW100,000 or more is overdue)
  • If insurance premiums are overdue, you can pay in installments for the number of months in arrears.


  • Payment Methods
  • Please update your current address accurately through the International Education Institute office and "Hi Korea“ ( The insurance card and the first bill will be sent to the address. After receiving the first notice, you can apply for an electronic notice, receive an e-mail or mobile bill, and apply for automatic transfer of premium from your bank account.