Visa & Immigration

1. Alien Registration Card

  • All international students need to apply for an Alien Registration Card within 90 days of entry at the Immigration Office near their residence.

Required documents

  • Application form (provided by the Immigration Office)
  • Passport
  • 1 color photo (3.5*4.5cm)
  • Certificate of Admission, Enrollment certificate (Tuition payment certificate), Certificate of residence
  • Application fee: \30,000
  • Certificate of medical report issued by a regional health center

-Students from following countries should submit the certificate of medical report tuberculosis test: China, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia (Total 17 countries)

-Test is free

-Certificate issuance fee: 5,000 Korean won

-Contact: the nearest available health center

  • Reissue in the case of loss: In case of loss, you must request a replacement within 14 days.

Required documents

  • Application form (provided by the Immigration Office)
  • Passport and a copy of the passport
  • 1 color photo (3.5*4.5cm)
  • Certificate of Enrollment, Certificate of residence
  • Application fee: \30,000
  • Reason for loass

2. Address & Information Change

  • When you move to another place, you MUST report your new address to our office (via personal visit, phone 02-715-6435, or School Kakao talk) and at the city hall, district office, Gu-office, or immigration office within 14 days of your move-in. If not, fines will be imposed.
  • Required documents: application form, passport, alien registration card, real estate contract (or certificate of residence)
  • A registered foreigner who wishes to change the information stated on the card such as name, gender, birthday, nationality and others must do it within 14 days of the change.
  • Required Documents: Application form, passport, and alien registration card


3. Visa Extension

  • International students need to apply for their extension of visa in advance of the expiration date. A penalty fee would be charged after the expiration date.
  • Extension period
  • Undergraduate : Maximum of 2 years
  • Master’s : Maximum of 3 years
  • Ph.D. : Maximum of 5 years

Required documents

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Transcript
  • Certification of tuition payment
  • Certificate of Residency (Housing contract and etc.)
  • Processing fee KRW60,000 (Government Revenue Stamp)

4. Permission for Part-time job

  • Due to the Korean government law, international students must get permission from the immigration office before beginning a part-time job. (except for unpaid internship for getting credits, participating in a research project in college, or assistant/part-time job at school)
  • Being fully employed as an international student is forbidden. However, one may get a part-time job if her or his application is authorized.
  • Students are most likely to involve themselves in simple labor. In other words, the students are not allowed to do labor that involves professionalized skills or fields.


  • Qualifiers

Students who are acknowledged by the International Education Institute that they have achieved a certain level of Korean language and have proven their dedication towards study can apply for the part-time job. The following

conditions must be met:

  • GPA: At least “C” (2.0 GPA) or above
  • Freshmen (1st year) ~ Sophomore (2nd year): TOPIK Level 3 or above
  • Junior (3rd year) ~ Senior (4th year): TOPIK Level 4 or above
  • Note: Those who have not achieved the required language levels are limited in half the time they can work. However, during the weekends, holidays, and vacation periods, no restriction is applied.
  • Language trainees (D-4) must have passed 6 months after entering Korea, and the class attendance rate must be maintained at 90% or higher.



Hours allowed per week


Weekends, holidays, vacation

Language trainee


Level 2


10 hours

20 hours



Year 1~2

Level 3


10 hours

20 hours

no limit

Year 3~4

Level 4


10 hours

20 hours

no limit

Graduate (D-2-3, D-2-4)

Level 4


15 hours

30 hours

no limit

  • Students in the following categories are not able to apply for a part-time job.
  • Those who have not signed a contract with the employer.
  • Those who are in research courses and possess the D-2-5 visa.
  • Those whose part-time job application has been rejected or who have a previous record of violating the rules and regulations related to the employment of immigrants.

  • Penalties for Policy Violation
  • Those who illegally work will be deported from Korea
  • First-time violation will get a warning: must pay a violation fine and will not be able to apply and work part-time for a year.
  • Second-time violation will be deported
  • Those who were permitted to work but violated the policy will be:

        -1st-time violation → will be restricted in a part-time job for a year

        -2nd-time violation → will be restricted in a part-time job

        -3rd-time violation → will lose their privilege of studying abroad

  • When any change occurs (e.g., workplace and employers), students must visit and report to the International Education Institute within 14 days of the change.

Required documents

  • Application
  • Passport / Alien Registration Card
  • Transcript / TOPIK Certificate
  • Copy of Business License
  • Copy of Labor contract (stating the pay hours)

5. Visa Status Change

  • [At first admission] Change General Trainee(D-4) to Overseas study(D-2)
  • Changing the status of stay from D-4(general trainee) to D-2(study abroad) requires prior permission from schools. Thus, the application for the status of stay change must be submitted and get approval before the semester starts.
  • It is not allowed to change C-3-2, C-3-3, C-3-9, D-3, D-9, E-10, and G-1 visa into D-2 in Korea. Students must go back to their home countries and apply for a D-2 visa.

Required documents

  • Application Form
  • Passport / Alien Registration Card
  • Certificate of admission
  • Certificate of Korean language course Enrollment (including attendance rate)
  • Certificate of tuition payment o

        [Employment activity after graduation] Change Overseas Study (D-2) to Job Seeking (D-10)

  • Students with a D-2 visa who acquired a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent or above) in Korea with GPA over 2.5 can apply for D-10 visa for their job seeking.

Required documents

  • Application Form
  • Passport / Alien Registration Card
  • Certificate of Graduation (Diploma) / Transcript
  • Original and Copy of Employment Contract,
  • Certificate of residency
  • Plan for Employment activity
  • Copy of Business Registration (employer’s)
  • Processing fee: KRW 130,000

        [Hired after Graduation] Change Overseas Study (D-2) to Special Occupation (E-7)

  • Those who acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Korea and have a recommendation letter from the President(Dean) of the institution.
  • Approval of the E-7 visa should be obtained before the first day of work.

Required documents

  • Application Form
  • Passport / Alien Registration Card
  • Certificate of Graduation (Diploma) / Transcript
  • Employment Activity Plan Form (employer’s)
  • Certificate of residency
  • Processing fee KRW 130,000

       ✱ Maximum period allowed: 2 years

7. How to use ‘HiKorea’ System (

  • You may do various immigration/visa related works by yourself through ‘HiKorea’ online system. Online application is available from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays (not available on weekends and holidays). You may also book your appointment for your visit to any nearby immigration office.
  • Online services are offered in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Services offered:
  • Immigration/visa related information and online service without visiting the immigration office
  • Information Change (e.g., passport number, address)
  • Permission for participating in a part-time job
  • Address Change
  • Extension of Stay
  •  Reserve an immigration office visit for immigration and visa-related works.
  • Employment: Information about employment for foreigners.