Greetings from Calvin University International Education Institute!


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our webpage.

Founded in 1954, Calvin University is an academic community where 1,200 students and 170 professors and instructors study together in a family-like environment, cultivating future global leaders who are equipped with mature spirituality and intelligence along with skills and talents.


Calvin University's International Education Institute offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral-level programs in major fields such as global cultural industry management, counseling psychology, social welfare, education, early childhood education, and theology. Also, we operate a Korean language program to help international students who begin their first study abroad acquire the Korean language skills necessary for their studies. Currently, more than 300 international students from 11 countries are studying together at our International Education Institute.


Calvin University aims to become “a university that fosters the power to think, a university that teaches wisdom, not mere knowledge.” Our International Education Institute will do our best to provide quality education to all of you to become global leaders in a new era. We will be with you on the journey for your dreams and your future.


Thank you.


Yeou, Incheon, Ph.D.

Dean of International Education Institute